Suki Sushi is one of the few restaurants in Islamabad that serve sushi. The restaurant has a large selection of Japanese, Chinese, and Korean cuisine, with a simple interior but no compromise on the quality of the food.



Masham Sheraz

5 Mar 2019

Good food. A lot of varieties. The ramen was great and the sushi was pretty decent as well. The bento box wasn't good value for money though.

Shaheer Ali

28 Feb 2019

Quality place to eat sea food rates are a bit high but food quality is good and excellent costumer service

hamza contacts

15 Jan 2019

Good place to try something new. Before making an order do ask for ingredients (if they are cooked or raw )

KBW 66

2 Nov 2018

Its a small multi storied restaurant that the feeling of cramped spaces. The décor is reasonable. The table setting, crockery and cutlery etc is average. Considering the rates that they charge, one does expect a better standard. We ordered Suki Sushi Special Soup and Beef Teriyaki from Japanese and sizzling Beef and Oyster Sauce and Prawn Fried Rice from the Chinese menu. The standard of cooking was good. The servings were a bit on smaller size, specially the beef in oyster sauce was too less. Overall, we enjoyed our food, specially the Japanese food. Korean and Thai foods were also available which we may try next time. This is not a cheap restaurant and at an average, it will cost you Rs 1500/- to 2000/- per head. There is no dedicated restaurant parking and one has to make use of general parking area in F-10 Markaz.

Moez Temuri

22 Oct 2018

Rare to find any Sushi places in Islamabad outside of the five star restaurants and the diplomatic enclave so I was pleased to find one so accessible. I only tried the sushi, and I found it really good. Taste was rich and it was properly made. Service was also of high quality and the place is also not crowded even on weekends. The ambience could still be improved on though. A slight drawback were the prices, as its still a bit on the pricy side. What you see in the pictures cost me Rs. 3500 for three sushi plates. But that's fine as Sushi is pricy everywhere. If you want some sushi, try this place.

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