Cheezious started off in different cities of Punjab and is now avaialablein the twin cities as well. This restaurant chain offers hygienic food at an affordable rate, with the specialty being the cheese factor in their dishes, thus, the name. Cheezious offers burgers, fried chicken, pizzas, pasta, and a selection of other dishes as well.




26 Feb 2019

Ordered a: - Fettuccine Alfredo - Lasagna Honestly, they do not know how to create a classy dish. Aboslutely TERRIBLE. The dishes had a "Pakistani" touch (basically spices where they don't belong). Please stick to your basics. Their burgers are pretty nice. Great environment and adequate service.

Laraib Ali

24 Feb 2019

2 times extremely bad experience.. But over all is good its better than pizza hut.. I love that 800 pizza deal

Moaz Malik

16 Feb 2019

Aggressively priced and tastes good as most fast food does, but I did get a sore throat from their food twice, which doesn't really happen with other fast food vendors. Preparation time could be better but it's understandable considering the nature of their menu. Updated: they've expanded their menu and now you have lasagne, pasta, sandwiches and what not. The prices are very cheap but the food is really good, not just for the price, but good, period. Updated review to 5 stars.

Mian Khalid

16 Feb 2019

Great for families with kids. Play area, Magic shows and Face painting keep children busy while restaurant serves fresh and above average food at economical rates 👍

Muhammad Abubakar

12 Jan 2019

I can give it 5 stars but as it was first chance to be there and the pizza turns to be a great deal and taste. Giving 4 star for ambiance and taste but *cutting 1 star because they gave me 20min which usually is huge time for a pizza but 15min would be fine enough. The moreover the guy at counter hasn't called me as my order was already there.* They should be more vigilant to place an order which can make then a good pizza restaurant in the town as I never had taste of *chicken tikka* flavor which I am having here. They left pizza hut and dominos far behind as far as taste is concerned.

M Sami Ullah

15 Dec 2018

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Farzana Rauf

14 Nov 2018

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8 Jan 2018

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23 Aug 2017

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23 Jul 2017

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